Lawyer to contest your hit-and-run ticket

Failure to comply with a duty as a driver involved in an accident is considered a hit-and-run. 

Conviction for hit-and-run can result in a fine of $200 to $600, an increase in the price of the licence and 9 demerit points.

As a driver, in the event of an accident, you have a duty to:

  • Remain at the scene of the accident.
  • Help the victims.
  • Call 9-1-1 if an accident victim needs help.
  • Contact the owner of the damaged property (car, street light, etc.); if the owner cannot be found, contact the authorities to report the accident.
  • At all times, provide the name and address, driver’s license number, the name and address of the vehicle owner as shown on the registration certificate, insurance certificate and license plate number.

If you have hit an unoccupied vehicle, animal or animated object, it is your duty to inform the owner or the police.

In these cases, make sure you are accompanied by an experienced lawyer who is trained for these types of procedures.

Being well represented, by an experienced lawyer, can reduce the amount of the fine and demerit points.

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