Restricted Licence Lawyer

If your licence has been suspended or revoked, you can apply for a restricted licence.

There are two different types for a restricted licence:

  • Restricted licence due to accumulation of demerit points
  • Licence restricted following an arrest for impaired driving

The restricted licence allows you to drive while your licence is suspended.
If you have been sanctioned for getting demerit points, the restricted licence will allow you to drive only in your primary occupation.

If your charge is related to driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, your restricted licence will have very strict rules governing your authorization to drive. An alcohol ignition interlock device will also be installed in your car.

It is not possible to obtain a restricted licence if :

  • You have passed a medical examination that shows you are unable to drive.
  • You only hold a motorcycle (class 6) or taxi (class 4C) licence.
  • You held a learner’s permit when it was revoked.
  • Your licence has already been suspended or revoked within the last 2 years.

  • You have another sanction on your driving record

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