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The legal regime governing taxi drivers is special.

In the event of a ticket challenge or a court hearing, make sure you are accompanied by a lawyer trained for these specificities.

Your driving licence is essential for your work. Ask for a lawyer who will defend you adequately.

The awarding of demerit points can be extremely penalizing for taxi drivers. This is why it is important to put all the chances on your side to protect your driver’s license.

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Whatever the traffic infringement you are involved in, our team of lawyers, experts in traffic infringements, will defend your interests. Failure to wear a seat belt, cell phone while driving, speeding, dangerous driving, traffic lights or any other traffic violations.

We can help you contest your fine and obtain an acquittal, a postponement, negotiation or plea during your trial.

Don’t risk going to trial without an experienced lawyer. Losses related to the fine, the insurance premium and the possible loss of your driver’s licence can have a very serious long-term impact.

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The Traffic Lawyers team will assist you in your efforts and put you in contact with our experienced lawyers in traffic offences.

Challenging a ticket or defending yourself in court is not easy, put all the chances on your side by calling on recognized and experienced lawyers.

Traffic Lawyers offers you a follow-up throughout the process of contesting your ticket.

Challenge your fine as soon as possible to increase your chances of success!