Lawyer to contest an impaired driving ticket

Impaired driving, whether alcohol or drugs, can have serious consequences for you:

  • Suspension of driving license
  • Expensive fine
  • Criminal record
  • Increase in the cost of the driving license
  • Increase in insurance premiums
  • Possibility of imprisonment

If you have been arrested for this type of violation, it is essential that you have a qualified and experienced lawyer to defend you.

Impaired driving includes driving a car, truck, motorcycle, motor scooter, boat, bicycle, snowmobile, tractor, train or even an aircraft.

 If suspected, the police can immediately suspend your licence.

 If you are arrested by the police for driving while impaired, you have the right to remain silent and to consult a lawyer for advice on your rights and obligations.

Impaired driving is an offense under the Criminal Code and the Highway Safety Code.

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