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Running a red light can result in a fine of between $100 and $200, an increase in the price of the licence and 3 demerit points.

In accordance with article 359 C.s.r. an infringement is considered if :

  • The driver did not stop his vehicle at the stop line when the light was red.
  • The driver drove into an intersection when the light was yellow and completed his passage when the traffic light turned red.
  • A photographic radar picks up a vehicle passing the stop line when the traffic light is red.
  • The driver makes a right turn at the red light when traffic prohibits him or her from doing so.

Note that these situations are at the discretion of the traffic officer issuing the ticket. It is possible that certain factors may alter the officer’s assessment of the events.

If you were arrested for this type of infraction by mistake, it is possible to contest your ticket.

Lawyers Tickets allows you to increase your chances of successfully contesting your ticket through a thorough investigation of the report and evidence of the violation issued.

It is also possible that some road signs may not be installed in accordance with standards. This situation renders any type of related infringement invalid.

If you wish to contest a ticket, make sure you are accompanied by an experienced lawyer who is experienced in this type of procedure.

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